Best Boys Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Best Boys Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Boys Bathroom Decorating Ideas

When designing children’s bathrooms, it is important to consider the preference of the child who would be using them. This is because making their bathroom a fun place to be in encourages them to brush their teeth and take a bath by themselves. Here are some bathroom design ideas for boys.

If the child is into sports, creating a sports-themed bathroom would be a great idea. You can base the design on your child’s favorite sport. If he has a favorite team, you can use the theme colors of the team when choosing towels, curtains and bath mats, or rugs. You can also try looking for bathroom fixtures and accessories which are sports-themed. For instance, you can get toothbrush holders and tissue boxes that are shaped like a basketball or football. If you are on a budget, you can even use sports equipment that you have lying around the house in creating bathroom decors such as a towel rack made of a baseball bat or a hamper made with a basketball hoop.

Cars are also another theme that is popular among boys of all ages. There are plenty of bathroom accessories and fixtures that have car designs. Depending on the child’s age, you can get items that have car designs that are either cartoon-like or more realistic.

You can also convert your child’s bathroom into a pirate ship by changing the bathroom flooring into vinyl flooring which resembles wood. You can then paint the ceiling blue to create the illusion of a sky or the ocean. For the vanity and the cabinets, go for those which are made with rustic-looking wood and have rustic-looking fixtures.

These are just some of the best boys bathroom decorating ideas that you may want to consider. Aside from choosing the one which the child likes, it would also be good to go for a style or design that would be able to grow with him for at least the next five years, so that there would be no need to remodel within just a year or two.


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