Guide to the Most Wanted Home Styles in Virginia

Guide to the Most Wanted Home Styles in Virginia

Virginia’s real estate market has a lot to offer. Different home styles, welcoming communities and overall great quality of life attract new residents all the time. If you’re about to start a house-hunting process, it’s better to be prepared. Know exactly what you can expect when going through the listing so you can make up your mind a lot faster. Here’s the guide to the most wanted home styles in Virginia to help you out.

A bit more on Virginia real estate market situation

Popular home styles are not everything you should know. The housing market in Virginia has slowed down during the global pandemic, but recent statistics show that the sales increased significantly in 2022. You can expect a bit of competition when making an offer, so be sure to keep that in mind and act fast if there’s a home you really like. More than 50 percent of homes listed got more than one offer, which shows that a lot of people are interested in making Virginia their new home. The median sale price for all home types is $437,000, which is also the highest in the past three years. Even though it’s not a drastic increase, you should be financially ready for this step. Now, let’s see what are the types of homes Virginia has to offer, and what’s the one that suits you the best.

Most popular home styles in Virginia

If you like to be able to choose from different styles of homes, you’re in the right place. Virginia buyers have the opportunity to pick from both modern and old-style homes, coming from different periods and architectural styles. It’s like traveling back in time, as houses in Virginia reflect different periods in history as well as the area they are built in. This state reflects American history and the development of architecture over the years, so you can find truly amazing homes that are unique to this part of the country.

A classic colonial home

Probably the most common is certainly a home from the colonial period. It’s one of the earliest American housing options, which is why they have a great historical value. Colonial homes often come in symmetrical shape and facade, with a simple exterior and not so many embellishments. The chimneys are placed on each end of the house, and homes have a central passage to allow better airflow. In general, these homes are large, with two or more stories and well-delineated rooms.

Bungalow homes

Another item on the most-wanted home styles in Virginia is certainly the bungalow. Compared to colonial properties, bungalows often have only one story. These low-profile houses tend to be very cozy, providing a perfect balance between the rooms, with open floor plans and plenty of windows. These homes are perfect for families who are looking for a smaller property, where they can enjoy their time on a large porch, with kids playing in the front yard. However, if you’re worried about the lack of space Fairfax Transfer and Storage suggest taking a storage unit for items you don’t need as often. You’ll have safe storage space for your belongings without them taking away space in your home.

Federal style

Another classical type of home that’s popular in Virginia is the federal style. Again, we have symmetry in shape, but now the roof is low-pitched, and there are many windows surrounding the front door. These homes were a synonym for luxury and extravagance, shown in magnificent front doors and a porch with columns.

Contemporary style

In Virginia, it’s not only about old-style homes. Contemporary homes are equally popular these days, especially in big cities. Modern homes have a lot of windows and glass doors, clean and simple lines, and include open floor plans. Some contemporary homes have a more traditional look, though. They are a mix of fully modern architecture and traditional design that connects the present and past.

Queen Anne/ Victorian homes

One more of the popular home styles in Virginia, these two styles have very similar features. Compared to the styles we mentioned earlier, Victorian homes have a rather asymmetrical shape. They also don’t look plain – there are different ornaments, windows of various sizes, turrets, towers, and wrap-around porches. Their asymmetrical and complex roofs make them look like they are a setting for a fairytale, which is why many buyers are attracted to this home style.

Rambler houses

This is also a favorite among Virginia homebuyers. Rambler homes are often low-profile, with only one story, yet very spacious and comfortable. Rambler homes are also known as ranch homes, as they have very similar features. These homes have a lot of windows and therefore allow plenty of natural light in, L-shape or rectangular floor plan, and offer a

You’ve found a perfect home – what now

You’ve found a perfect home – what now?

Opting for a home style in Virginia is the first step of moving into your new home. Firstly, you should hire an experienced agent to help you find a perfect property. Make sure it’s someone who has enough experience with Virginia homes, so you can be sure you get the best value for the money.

Also, don’t forget to organize your move on time. There’s a lot to do, and tasks such as packing can take away a lot of time. You can always ask professionals for help, and let experts pack your entire household while you deal with other tasks related to the homebuying process. It’s incredible save of time and energy that everyone needs these days.

Finally, be sure to compare your old and new homes in detail. You can save a lot of time if you take measurements of the bulky furniture and see if it fits the new place. If some items don’t seem to fit in, you’ll have time to replace them with a smaller or a bigger item. Also, certain items may not fit the style of your new home. Luckily, you can easily sell furniture online and replace them to fit a more suitable model.

Browsing the most-wanted home styles in Virginia will hopefully help you to choose the home of your dreams. It’s now up to you to figure out your preferences, but most importantly – the needs and lifestyle of your family.