How to Repair a Touch Table Lamp – DIY in 9 Easy Steps

Touch table lamps are simply an exiting experience for everybody but more for the children. So if you are thinking of purchasing table lamps for the bedroom of your children, then the touch table lamps would be simply the perfect one. It is difficult for the children to resist the temptation of frequently switching on and off the lamps. This results in the failure of the lamp to continue working as a touch lamp.

If you too face the same problem then don’t just start brooding. Don’t consider the deal to be a total loss as the lamp can be repaired by simply replacing the dimmer control. I will agree that the job is not as easy as a pie but once you follow the proper procedure of repairing you will see for yourself that the task is moderately easy. Let’s see what the exact steps to be followed are.

Step 1

Begin with removing the lampshade and light bulb from the touch table lamp. Next, remove the harp from it. Move towards the light bulb socket by squeezing the two sides of the harp. This will facilitate you to lift up the harp and move it out of the harp base.

Step 2

Now you need to place your table lamp on a robust table or work surface.

Step 3

Try separating the bottom of your lamp from the lamp base by unscrewing or just lifting the lid. If it is glued then just take care and peel the bottoms off.

Step 4

Disconnect and take away the touch dimmer control. Uncoil the wire connector that joins the white wire from the dimmer control to the two lamp wires. Repeat the same with the black and the red wire.

Step 5

Using pliers turn the nut in an anti-clockwise direction and take the nut away. Now you will see that the ring terminal can be separated from the nipple. It’s time to dispose of the old touch dimmer control.

Step 6

Now start winding an orange wire connector to the black wire from the dimmer control to the smooth lamp wire that joins directly to the plug connecting the two together.

Step 7

The smooth lamp wire that connects to the light bulb socket with a wire connector needs to be united with the red wire from the dimmer control.

Step 8

Slip and place the ring terminal from the yellow or grey wire over the nipple. Turn the nut in a clockwise direction and see that it is tight.

Step 9

Now the two left behind ribbed lamp wires have to be connected to the white wires from the touch dimmer control with the wire connector.

Your job will be over by replacing the bottom of the lamp, lamp harp, light bulb, and finally the shade.