Points to Consider Before Hiring Online Compensation Solicitors

Hiring an online solicitor to represent you in your personal injury claim might seem like a leap into the dark, but in reality, online solicitors offer as good a service as any other type of solicitor. Some benefits to choosing an online solicitor include better communication, clearer references, and less paperwork for you to fill in.

But before you begin your claim and hire an online solicitor, here are some points to consider:

1. Experience

Online Compensation SolicitorsIdeally, you want a solicitor who is highly experienced to represent you. Now, there are two types of experience with solicitors to consider and these do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. They are Case experience and years’ experience.

Case experience is more important. For example, most people would be more comfortable with a lawyer who has processed 50 claims that are similar to their own, than a lawyer who has processed 5 claims similar to their own but has practiced law a few years longer. In an ideal world, you will get a lawyer with thirty years of experience who has processed hundreds of claims similar to your own, but these types of lawyers are very rare.

We recommend opting for case experience above all else.

2. The law Firm

The overall reputation of the law firm that a solicitor works for can offer a good indication as to the quality of the service for example buying or selling a home that you can expect. That’s because while lawyers practice law in the same way as everybody else, they work to a law firm’s criteria and standards.

Law firms that have been in business for over ten years and have a considerable list of happy customers are fairly common, thankfully. It isn’t hard to find a reputable law firm to represent you. However, there are some things to look out for. Namely, you need to know what the average response time is (how soon you’ll get a call back) and how transparent the law firm is (how upfront they are about costs). Always make sure you get this information.

3. Making Sure Everything is Legitimate

If you do decide to go for a little-known law firm, you should check their credentials. In England and Wales, law firms must be regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and all practicing lawyers must be on the Solicitors Regulation Authority Roll of Solicitors.

You can check a lawyer’s credentials against the SRA Roll of Solicitors, to ensure that they are qualified to offer legal advice and to offer you legal representation. Simply ask a lawyer for their SRA ID number and head over to the SRA website to get started. If a lawyer cannot provide you with this information, our recommendation is to always avoid their services.