Searching for the Best Bathroom Window Blinds

When you start looking at blinds for bathroom windows there’s really a lot of different things that you need to account for in the process. Things like, how big is the window? Is the window inside or outside the shower? Does the window catch direct sunlight most of the day? Who can see in the window? These are just a few of the questions that you should be asking yourself so that you can determine exactly what kind of blinds you’ll need. Follow along and we’ll go thru these questions one by one.

The first question was “how big is the window”

This is an important question to factor in as some blinds only come in certain sizes. If the window is rather small, you might be better off getting a made-to-measure blind. These blinds will allow you to cut them down to the perfect size for a smaller window. If it’s large, like a big plate glass window or sliding glass door, you might want to look into some long vertical blinds. These are not only typically larger in height, but also the slates themselves tend to be much bigger. These do quite well-covering windows of this type.

The next question takes into account where the window is located

If the window is located outside the shower and in a place that is not likely to be a recipient of an incidental splash war, then you can probably skip this part as there’s no need for water protection. However, if the window is located within the shower, you are going to want to take a bit of precaution and make sure that the blind is waterproof and can withstand not only the condensation but also the humidity. Waterproof roller blinds work very well inside a shower window. Not only are they waterproof, but you don’t have to take the standard white as they come in a multitude of colors.

The next big question stems around privacy

Who can see you in your birthday suit when you don’t particularly want them too. If your bathroom window is fairly secluded this might not be such an issue. But if you live in a subdivision with neighbors right behind you, how well do you really know them? If this is a concern to you, faux wood blinds might be the perfect match for your bathroom. Not only do they look great, but when closed can really keep their eyes off you.