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Single or Double Divan Beds Don’t Have to Be Boring

Single or Double Divan Beds Don’t Have to Be Boring

Single or Double Divan Beds Don’t Have to Be Boring

Divan beds are a fantastic way to add seating, storage, and sleeping space to your home. The clean and modern look that these beds offer is aesthetically pleasing to many people. However, some people only purchased these beds because they have limited space, such as those who live in studio apartments.

Others may have bought one for a guest room or other area in their home to accommodate overnight friends and family. If you have a double or single divan bed that you purchased for the price tag and convenience rather than visual appeal, you may now be looking to dress up the streamlined, plain piece of furniture.

Fabrics and shapes

If you find yourself in need of a divan bed, but do not like the typical plain-Jane look to most models, try digging a little deeper. Doing some thorough shopping research online should bring up models that have a variety of colors and fabrics available to cover the base and headboard. Some divan beds also offer unusual designs such as the outdoor rounded wicker divan beds. They have a variety of fabrics, materials, and patterns to choose from in their divan bed collection.

A different reason to explore more websites is that if you already have a plain divan bed, you can use the photos of their collections to get ideas on how to dress your bed up. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, you could go hunting for similar-looking fabrics and materials to reupholster your bed. Maybe you will not see a photo that appeals to you, but checking out different upholstery options should still give you some ideas on how to dress up that boring divan bed.

Other options

Online retailers have a number of colors patterns, and materials to explore on their websites. You could mix it up, even more, buy choosing a few different options and combing them on the bed. For example, a dark brown faux leather base could go quite well with a pale silk headboard. On the other hand, you could choose a solid cotton color for the base and headboard, but add in a matching pattern to cover the drawers and perhaps make some throw pillows out of.

The combinations for this type of project are endless, so no matter your personal taste or the décor of the area where your divan bed is located, there are sure to be options that will work. If you like the idea of upholstering your boring divan furniture, but have no idea how to do it, there are bound to be furniture repair or sewing shops somewhere near you that will take care of the project for you.

Sometimes a single divan bed is more traditional in the sense that it looks more like a backless couch and it is used more like a chaise lounge. Changing the fabric on one of these types is also possible, but a little bit more difficult. In this case, you should look to the professionals unless you are an upholstery professional yourself. Probably the simplest ways to make that boring divan bed more interesting is to surround it with interesting accessories, such as blankets, pillows, tables, curtains, and plants. Sometimes just shifting the position of the bed so that it is in front of a window or at an angle in a corner will give it more visual appeal and make the entire area look imaginative and fresh.

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