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The Most Often Overlooked Key to Building a Nest Egg

The Most Often Overlooked Key to Building a Nest Egg

Just about every financial adviser will examine income, age, and financial objectives in order to develop a sound financial recommendation for building and growing an investment portfolio for both retirement and short-term savings with the Nest Egg technique.

More often than not, most Americans and financial advisers believe that the greatest financial asset is an income stream. It’s from this income stream that monies are saved and investments are made. What could possibly be more important than maintaining, and better yet, increasing an income stream?

Physical and emotional health trumps income as a starting point for building a strong investment portfolio. Say it isn’t so. Consider the following points when suggesting that there’s no possible way the state of one’s health could trump an income stream as a foundation for building wealth.

Right out of the gate, the ability to earn is directly tied to mental and physical health. There are enough obstacles to overcome in both the workplace and entrepreneurial arena without having to succumb to avoidable restrictions due to poor health. The vast majority of health professionals concur that mental health and physical health are directly related. An investment of time, knowledge, and mindfulness in maintaining a healthy body will reap dividends for years.

While Eastern and European cultures have been practicing preventive medicine for centuries, the all mighty American culture has only recognized the value of this in the last generation. Routine physical exams, eye exams, mammograms, and colonoscopies are but a few of the baseline exams needed to identify potential diseases and debilitating conditions.

One of the most powerful preventive steps we can take to maintain strong mental and emotional health is attention to diet and exercise. Our economy has moved away from the dominance of agriculture and manufacturing, labor-intensive jobs, to sedentary desk jobs. When not balances with exercise, these jobs are silent killers.

Rethink your investment strategy to include mindfulness about health, healthy lifestyles, and preventive medicine. Routines and new habits take a good three months to develop but will pay off for a lifetime. Think about how you’re increasing your potential for a handsome nest egg as you take that walk this evening. Good luck on your journey!

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