How To Sell Your Residence Privately Without Hiring An Agent Or Mortgage Broker

How To Sell Your Residence Privately Without Hiring An Agent Or Mortgage Broker

Have you considered that you could sell your house privately instead of relying on other people to sell it? This article is not intended to dissuade you from using a real estate agent, not at all. I use real estate agents with great success in my own business, so I would have no reason to tell you not to hire one for the sale of your own house.

My intention here is to inspire you to take more responsibility for thinking about and acting on some of the marketing activities that I do for myself in my business as a real estate investor. If you want to sell a home privately as I often do you will need to think about your responsibilities and plan ahead to accomplish them.

The first and most important point I’d like to make is that there are several parts to the process of selling a home. Those parts might be labeled this way: listing, marketing, negotiation, sales, and closing. That’s five different parts that can be accomplished by an agent, or by more than one agent, or by an agent and a homeowner working together to achieve the same goal – the sale of a home. If you sell your home privately you will not have the advantage of an agent’s professional skills, so give it serious thought before you strike out entirely on your own.

How to Sell Your Residence

Setting about to accomplish the basic marketing tasks is something that most sellers can easily accomplish for themselves. But thereafter, meaning negotiating with the buyers to establish the price and terms of the sale, and managing all the activities that normally follow a successful negotiation is often in the realm of an agent’s normal daily activities. But they can be a little overwhelming for homeowners. This is where things can break down when you sell your home privately.

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That’s why I regularly suggest that homeowners consider jumping into the marketing activities with both feet and then leave the balance of the transaction to the real estate professionals. Payment of a real estate commission is an obligation whenever you list your home with an agent, but more than likely your agent will earn his or her commission once a buyer is located. Finding the buyer is the first thing that has to happen of course, but it is by far not the last. It is the beginning of the closing journey, and that is a journey most homeowners do not want to make alone.