Vinyl, Decal, and Sticker Wall Quotes as a Home Decor Art

Words, like images, are very powerful devices for stirring emotions and evoking thought-inspiring moments. Using vinyl wall quotes can stimulate such moments. What are wall quotes?

They are removable vinyl stickers applied to surfaces such as walls, glass, or metal, to enhance their look. They come in assorted styles and colors making them a versatile option for any project.

There are many reasons for using wall decals including:

  • Adding a meaningful quote or the family motto to a wall – Phrases such as “Family is Everything” or a quote such as “Freedom lies in being bold” make great themes for decals.
  • Personalizing gift items for family and friends – Show your appreciation for that special teacher with a set of small monogrammed containers filled with useful items like paperclips, pens, and pencils.
  • Improving the look of existing architecture – Enhance moulding or another framework with beautiful lettering to draw attention to that area of the room.

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Advantages of Wall Quotes

Wall quotes come with plenty of benefits; here are just a few:

  1. Ease of Use – Vinyl decals are not very labor-intensive. Additionally, they do not require a lot of different tools and clean-up is quick and painless.
  2. Inexpensive – Using wall quotes is a cost-effective way of decorating any room. On average lettering goes for about $4 per foot for inch-high letters or as ready-made quotes.
  3. Emphasize Individual Creativity – Utilizing wall decals is a great way to make each room a unique expression of the homeowners.

Where to Use Decals

Here are a few ideas on where to place a vinyl decal:

  • Decorating a child’s bedroom or play area – A child’s view usually changes like the seasons. What is in today will be old news tomorrow. Using decals allows parents to keep up with the child’s ever-changing tastes.
  • Adding pizzazz to a home office or study – Add a quote over the desk to inspire success, place the name of the business over the office door or say something intellectual as you enter the study.
  • Make a picture pop! – Add lettering to a photo to say what the image by itself cannot. The letters themselves make for interesting word art when placed in frames.

Without a doubt, using attractive vinyl lettering is a fabulous way to spruce up any craft or decorating project.